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bin/  3411  7 years  lisbethb  Moved the diana script to dianaconfig
debian_bdiana/  4553  5 years  davidb  Reorganised vcross_v2 files and added flags to fix a linking problem in the test…
debian_files/  4504  5 years  davidb  Fixed corruption.
debian_nogl/  4210  6 years  davidb  Compilation fixes.
diana-test/  2998  8 years  lisbethb  started versioned package names * only tested for standard diana package (diana…
etc/  4178  6 years  davidb  Updated the text style definitions.
perl/  4159  6 years  lisbethb  ROADOBS removed from Makefile.am (r4156 removed ROADOBS from configure.ac withou…
share/  4551  5 years  lisbethb  Dynamic vertical profiles - using station list
src/  4559  5 years  alexanderb  added unit test for diUtilities
.gitignore  4204  6 years  alexanderb  minor changes to solve compilation problems
INSTALL  2861  8 years  lisbethb  INSTALL up to date
Makefile.am  3229  7 years  alexanderb  diana 3.29.2-4 * made diana@METNO_SUFFIX@-common transition to diana-desktop
README  3959  6 years  davidb  Added support for using SVG drawings as symbols in drawing mode. Added a default…
autogen.sh  1891  10 years  dages  We need to link with libtool.
configure.ac  4440  5 years  lisbethb  Version 3.36.0
gpl.txt  351  12 years  lisbethb  mv from branches/qt4 -r350

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svn:externals m4 https://svn.met.no/puconf/config/m4/trunk
svn:ignore /home/juergens/.cvsignore log4cxx.properties export *.moc .cproject .project diana.news diana.setup Historie.quick bin obj .ecpproperties run_devel alaglam00.dat images bruce2.cdf bruceNEW.cdf bruceNEW.nc haha hihi ps.cdf psd.cdf ncview.temperature.ps run_remote diana.setup-TEST shape diana.bin hydro ff_anim.mpg bd.input bd2.input mapprod.png mapprod.tiff qtfont.png sat.eps spectrum.png spectrum.ps tmp_diana.ps vcross.ps vprof.ps xfont.png vcross.png vprof.png config.h aclocal.m4 compile config.h.in config.status configure depcomp install-sh Makefile Makefile.in missing stamp-h1 autom4te.cache v_out v_out2 bdiana.input .settings config.guess config.sub libtool ltmain.sh .autotools
svn:mergeinfo /branches/drawing:3721-3829

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