METAMOD documentation

METAMOD 2.x is a portal solution providing Discovery, Access and Retrieve functionality for scientific datasets along with tools for metadata handling etc. It allows for automatical and manual DAR Metadata creation. The Metadata can be converted to different formats and exposed using different search-interfaces, i.e. ISO 23950 and OAI-PMH.

METAMOD 2.x has been designed to be easily integratable with OPeNDAP or ftp data-servers, i.e. THREDDS and allows data-upload through FTP and HTTP interfaces.


The basic principles behind METAMOD


How to get the METAMOD base software


Configuration details and custom templates


Setting up a METAMOD application

Server deployment

Additional setup for servers running METAMOD as an automated service


Upgrading from an older version of METAMOD

System administration

Common tasks for tuning and maintaining an installed system


Frequently asked questions (for any definition of frequency)


The data-model and the data-flow within METAMOD2

Metadata extraction

Import and upload description

METAMOD is copyright The Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

METAMOD is free software, released under the GNU General Public License, version 2.